Let us then pursue what makes for peace and for mutual up building.” – Romans 14:19 

The Mission Committee’s priority was to continue past successful mission initiatives and to embrace new opportunities, reaching out to others in the local community and beyond.

Local Missions

Catholic Charities - Flint: Provides food, clothing, and supplies as well as a Warming Center and various client supports.

Flint Eastside Mission: 
Provides food, clothing, and funds for meals, basic needs, housing necessities and decorative items, and counseling and Christian worship services for those at risk.

Food Bank of Eastern Michigan: 
Provides food, water and personal products throughout 22 Michigan Counties.

Outreach East: 
Provides food, clothing, school supplies, Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets, funds, and/or other necessities, which are distributed to families in need.  

Honduras Mission: 
In memory of Tony Schunot, St. Andrew’s continues to gather clothing, supplies and monetary donations for this mission, organized by the Otterbein Methodist Church, Indiana. 

Reach The Forgotten Jail Ministry: Provides bibles, religious books, and visits to help inmates. 

Wycliffe Bible Translations: develop alphabets, help preliterate people learn to read and write and translate the Bible into written versions of currently spoken languages.

Other Local Mission Activities

Talent Bazaar: 
Members, family and friends can get creative in making arts, crafts and/or food items for donations that support local missions.   

Collections for Back Packs and School Supplies: 
School supplies are collected and distributed through Outreach East. This long-time mission is needed and appreciated by Outreach East’s clients: children/families.

Family Promise of Genesee County: 
St. Andrews continues as a Support Church for Family Promise.

Thanksgiving and Christmas Food Collections: 
Members and friends continue to support these Outreach East projects, thereby blessing local families with funds, food and supplies.

Christmas Gift Collections for Outreach East for local children: 
Collecting gifts/or monitary donations for gifts to give to children in our local missions.  

“Knitting in the Word”: 
Members/friends knit/crochet hats, scarves, prayer shawls, wash cloths, etc. In 2019: 272 hat/scarf/glove sets were distributed to schools/agencies and; several prayers shawls were given to grieving/ill members and friends, and many preemie caps went to local hospitals. Knitters and supporters, including non-members, donated more than 80% of the yarn/supplies. ALL are welcome. Needles/yarn and friendly instruction are available at no charge. 

Pregnancy Resource Center, Lapeer, MI: 
Provides Christian counseling to women/families, childcare, adoption information, clothing/supplies.