“Pulling Out the Stops””

May 7th, 3pm – Musical Presentation

Given by Merle D. Lobban, Minister of Music

This spring, the St. Andrew’s Congregation is making a special effort to – wash, polish, trim, repair, replace – basically to spruce up our building and grounds. Just as with our families and homes, periodically churches need to update and make their gathering accommodations more presentable. While doing this, it’s also an opportunity to perk up our personal and Congregational outlook, forward-look, and up-look. On May 7th, we want to celebrate that which God has done, is doing, and will be doing here, moving forward.

Yes, with everyone pitching in, and God’s help, we can do great things by May 7th and do it all in a manner that Honors Him. Some of our shut-ins can become committed to praying for our Lenten, Easter, and springtime renewal. Others may be comfortable making phone calls, letting people know that something special is happening at St. Andrew’s. More mobile members and friends will be able to bake treats, prepare or serve food, usher/greet, clean, mow, shine – there’s much to do! Many hands make the work more fun and much easier to complete.

On May 7th @ 3pm, I will be presenting a program of Organ Music that will be of interest to the general public. In a non-intimidating setting, it will include some selections that typically don’t work well during a Worship Service, because of complexity or time constraints. There will be at least two hymns sung by the Congregation, that I know you’ll enjoy. I anticipate having a vocalist, from the area, included in the program – one of an Organist’s functions is to “accompany” other musicians.

You will be furnished contact aids and instructions that will make it easier to get the word out in the community. Be thinking of people that may enjoy coming to St. Andrew’s for the first time, may want to return to St. Andrew’s to “re-hook” with friends from prior years, or may just enjoy an afternoon of music and fellowship. Following the concert in the Sanctuary, we will have a simple, but very nice, reception in Calvin Hall. We are deliberately arranging tables so that people needing to sit will be able to do that; but, we would like you who are able to intentionally circulate among our guests. Make sure that, by the time a person leaves our spring event, they know there is “Something Special about St. Andrew’s”.

In closing, this should be considered my contribution to the Spring Almanac. I am really enjoying preparing music for this event and putting our thirty-six year old Allen Organ through its paces. I am thrilled to hear and see people starting to grasp the vision of what I talked with the Session about; resulting in presenting this event, and opening our doors to the community.

As we move forward in preparation for May 7th, let us not overlook the Lenten and Easter experiences that come first. How will you minister this spring? How will you be ministered to? May you find new disciplines, joy, mercy, and grace in your life in the weeks ahead – starting right now!

God Bless – Merle