Annual Meeting Reminder:St. Andrew’s Annual Meeting of the Congregation and Corporation will take place on Sunday, January 23rd, 2022.  The meeting will be conducted immediately following worship service.  As always, attendance will be taken, and members of St. Andrew’s will have the ability to vote. Your attendance is important to the life of Christ at St. Andrew’s.  Please plan on attending.  More details will follow.  May God continue to bless you and St. Andrew’s as we walk this journey together. -- Phidge Howe, Clerk of Session

Per Capita: Also coming up in January- we will be collecting Per Capita until January 23rd. Per Capita provides for the financial participation of all local churches as part of a connectional and representative church, thus providing for unity and mutual responsibility within the church. Per Capita is the cost of being a Presbyterian, and if each member pays the Per Capita amount above his/her pledge or regular giving, pressure on the local budget is reduced.

2022 Per Capita

General Assembly

$ 8.98


$ 3.25


$ 16.77

Total Per Member

$ 29.00

Paying per capita is similar to:

• Contributing one’s dish to a potluck meal.

• Pitching in with others to pay for gas on a trip.

To keep presbytery’s Per Capita rate from escalating the Per Capita portion of the budget is subsidized with a distribution from Presbytery’s investments.

Where Do Our Per Capita Dollars Go?

The amount that is set for Per Capita apportionment is a calculation based on the number of church members and the budget established annually by each governing body.

At the presbytery level Per Capita pays for a number of items including:

• The mortgage payment on the Presbytery Office.

• The Office of the Stated Clerk and that of the Recording Clerk.

• Insurance coverage, legal counsel, annual audit.

• Costs associated with operating the Presbytery Office.

• Meeting costs for our standing units.

Mission for Warmth: With cold weather here, Flint Eastside Mission is asking for help to get warm coats for men, women and children of all sizes. If you have new or like-new used coats to give, you can bring them to the church, and they will be delivered. Thank you all.

Scriptures for Sue: I’m filling my 2022 planner with scriptures. What is/are your favorite one(s)? I need at least 52! I am also going to be writing your names in that week as a reminder to pray an extra prayer. If someone else has already picked your favorite, please share another with me so I can fill my planner. -Sue Ragan-Trouten